For times when you want to give your hair a real styling, it couldn’t be easier. Whereas long hair can more or less be left to do its thing, rolling out of bed without tending to shorter styles isn’t always an option. Sitting right on the border of short and long, if a lob is your style of choice, truthfully, how you wish to style it is up to you. And we can’t blame them. For days when you can't much be bothered with too much hairstyling, simply spray this texturising spray from a distance and massage in. “A straightening iron is a must as it will take out unwanted volume and encourage shine, all while emphasising shape,” says Soons. Plus, it really helps to detangle and nourish lengths for healthy-looking lengths.Â, Unlike other heat protectants, this hair primer uses oils to nourish and condition so you can minimise any heat-related dryness. Next up, this is everything you need to know about hair fall and hair loss. Because it’s easy to overload shorter hairstyles with product, start with a small fingertipful rubbed between your fingertips to warm it up, and work it through the mid-lengths and ends of dry hair. “To keep your lob on-trend, keep it super textured. The coated barrel on this medium-sized tong is great for minimising flyaways and frizz. These styling products are the best for short hair, as recommended by Allure editors and professional hairstylists. The only tricky bit is, that with less styling options than longer hair, how do you keep it looking chic? Perfect for adding texture and volume to almost any hair, this texturising spray has a powder consistency that makes it lightweight but effective.Â, The matte pomade gives amazing volumising and texturising results when warmed through the palms and applied to waved ends.Â, With a wide barrel, this tool creates the perfect soft, subtle wave.Â. It looks and acts like a dry shampoo, mattifying oil and refreshing hair in a flash, but it also adds instant hold and sexy texture, too. This hair oil is great for damaged or coarse strands that require some moisture. The best bit about shorter hair is that, without the weight of endless lengths to hold it down, root volume lasts that little bit longer after a blow-dry.. Try spritzing it into the roots of dry hair and gently massaging in with fingertips for lots of lovely volume. For finer hair types, thick pomade and putty might prove too heavy. 21 Products People With Short Hair Actually Swear By Mists, pomades, creams, sprays, and more for anyone with short locks. And if things start looking a bit crazy, fear not. “To get the texture on a choppy bob, we would recommend you apply a mat wax on the palms, heat it up by rubbing both hands, then tilt your head upside down and rub the product on all the ends,” says Arraras. Unlike longer hairstyles, short hair can look really ‘bouffant’ if given too much volume at the crown. The best bit about shorter hair is that, without the weight of endless lengths to hold it down, root volume lasts that little bit longer after a blow-dry. Use matte wax and pomades for definition on medium to thicker hair and texturising spray, spray wax or super dust for finer hair … Use matte wax and pomades for definition on medium to thicker hair and texturising spray, spray wax or super dust for finer hair types.”, It might not take you long to dry your cropped hair, but with this super-speedy hair dryer, it will probably take a matter of seconds.Â, Sculpt and style your pixie crop with this heavy duty, easy-to-use putty.Â. Work a small dollop of this delicately-scented mousse into damp hair and gently blow dry (using your fingers as a brush to scrunch and move hair around) for great volume and hold. This lightweight volumising powder provides just enough grit to add texture without overloading the hair.Â. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Alicia Keys opens up about lifelong acne struggle, How to switch up your skincare for winter, Jodie Turner-Smith uses breast milk as skincare, Daisy Edgar-Jones details entire make-up routine, This website can find your exact foundation shade, The 10 best retinol products – and how to use them. Selfridges - £22 3 of 8 The blunt bob has really proved itself to be the rising star of cuts in the last few months. However, if you want to keep things fresh and current, it’s all about waves. It’s nourishing enough to take down frizz and flyaways, yet won’t overload hair or make it look greasy. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. When we were young we wanted hair that reached our bum - like the princesses we read about in storybooks - but as we got older, and busier, we realised the joy of shorter hair. “Opt for a large tong to create lazy waves that accentuate the choppiness of the cut rather than time-consuming curls,” he says. Gorka Arraras, Head of Creative at Charles Worthington explains, “Short styles need cutting regularly, preferably 5/6 weeks max. Red Online participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Sprinkle gently into dry roots and work in with your fingertips (as if you were shampooing your hair) to instantly refresh your roots, re-plump crushed volume and add a workable, gritty texture to hair. This is the hairbrush of all hairbrushes. With less hair available to absorb excess product, if you’re going to use serum on short hair, make sure you pick a super lightweight one. This one, by Osis+, is lovely and light.