My grandparents had a Mulberry, it was massive, huge leaves and beautiful. If trimming is kept up, you can get some great shade. My favorite shade tree is the Mulberry tree. That will give you maximum shade in the summer and allow light and warmth into your home and yard in the winter. According to what the … Continue reading "Best Shade Trees For Phoenix" If you’re looking for a tree that combines the best features of the Palo tree varieties, you won’t do better than the Desert Museum Palo Verde. You can have large, beautiful trees that have thick foliage and provide lots of shade. These trees lose all or most of their leaves in the winter so they are best planted on the south and west sides of your home. List and photos of 10 best trees. Extreme heat doesn’t mean that you’re limited to only a few kinds of trees. ARIZONA DESERT SHADE TREES. We hear you. Here’s a solution: 10 hardy, drought-tolerant trees you can plant that drop less than most trees. The Desert Museum has an added party trick, though, and bursts into large, golden yellow flowers every spring that will astound you. Shade is great for lazy afternoons in the yard, but can also provide additional benefits. Arizona Rosewood (Vauquelinia californica): Shrubby evergreen that thrives in full sun or partial shade and grows to … Unless you’re okay with that. Read about which shade trees are best for your Phoenix Valley home or office. This tree list is for those who want to look through a list of potential trees without having to do a bunch of research and get disappointed when they find out that the tree they like won’t work in their yard. These trees often are called “pool friendly” trees. Best trees for cooling shade in summer in hot dry desert-like gardens include the Rio Grande ash and Chitalpa trees. Like the Foothills Palo Verde, the Desert Museum variety keeps a small profile and won’t get taller than 25 feet. Need to get the Male Mulberry, the female produces berries of course and can create a mess, including lots of critters and birds. The third tree, from South America, the Tipuana tipu, is a fast-growing flowering variety that provides great shade and beauty. Your one-stop guide to a variety of shade trees that grow well in the dry Arizona Sonoran Desert environment. Mature Specimens at Desert Botanical Garden? If you’re searching for the “best shade trees for Phoenix” you’re probably choosing trees to have planted at your home or office. Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis) This large tree is always showing off.