Seconded, although "free" is a bit of an oversimplification, Chris really does deserve Patreon support if you can afford it and use his stuff. I assure you, I have the "reaplugs" in Nuendo, Acid, and StudioOne. Blue Cat Audio has built a solid reputation and they’re widely praised by our members, so it comes as no surprise that their Freeware Pack II is one of the best bundles you can get without spending a cent. Over the years Voxengo SPAN has become a standard when it comes to frequency analyzers, offering a plethora of features which enables the user to obtain any and all frequency-related information possible. Gear Maniac . It's a little annoying how often I'll choose it over saturation plugins I paid $100+ for... Ignite Amps PTEq-X is the best Pultec emulation I've tried, use it on every mix. He writes reviews and features for Sound On Sound magazine, the world's premier audio recording technology … A few free VIs I really like - Spitfire LABS Strings & Electric Piano (Rhodes); Rumpelrausch AZR (Hammond organ); CelloFan by Soundkey. It’s even included in some DAWs right now and probably the most widely used frequency analyzer plug-in to this date. I've had tracks "professionally" … We scouted through many polls and forums to look for what the audio engineering community has to say about freeware mixing and mastering plugins. i love what the L2 can do.. i wish i could afford the waves bundle. Click for New and Used prices, user Reviews, more Info & Discussions. A mastering engineer must know how to use these devices to work effectively. They must put the Noiz-lab plugins on here, they're some of the best plugins I have heard. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. Although it is labelled as a mastering compressor, this is a true workhorse that can work seamlessly in virtually any situation. Alright, including this one feels a bit like cheating but it’s simply too good to pass up! This plug-in can go all the way from gentle analog-like warm to extreme distortion and will be useful on many situations with a wide range of sound sources. I get that in a small dose, only hitting the peaks it might add an interesting tone for a moment but seems like only certain types of tunes would benefit. I realize you get what you pay for, but for $800 I could almost buy..... My mixes are almost there. SPAN is immensely configurable and can be customized in many ways, offering many tools to analyze and compare the frequency response of different sounds with the uttermost precision. There is a "Best" thread in the "best gear" area FWIW. Lives for gear . Airwindows (patreon, so cheap i consider it as gift). 30th March 2008 #11. I have to put a plug in here for Klanghelm IVGI. Best to mix so that it sounds the best to you and then send it off with some detailed instructions and maybe a couple of cuts from your favorite CDs so the mastering engineer will know what you are looking for when it comes to overall sound. I sometimes forget that the Softube Saturation Knob is free. Author: Robin Vincent. Yamaha Dx7 (240€) or DX7 II FD (350€) wich one should i buy? You need an account to post a reply. The above listed plugins are a great starting point to make the most out of the waves eco system for mixing and mastering your tracks. However, what keeps Gearslutz members so amused by this plug-in is the innovative concept of a 'threshold curve' that the user captures from the incoming signal, which can then later be manipulated to work in numerous situations from mastering to de-essing to mic axis problem-solving and so much more. It offers six simple but useful plug-ins that should work nicely on almost any production or mixing job: chorus, phaser, flanger, three-band parametric equalizer, gain utility tool and also a real-time frequency analyzer. And it sounds really, really good. Ren EQ is great, nothing wrong there.