In Lode Runner, you have to navigate its complex 2D labyrinths by digging. Binary Land - 1985. If a demanding publisher like Nintendo lends someone else some of its properties, they must be bloody good at what they do. But really, if you want the best-of-the-best, you can just turn on your TurboGrax-16, or your Wii, or some emulator, and play Bomberman ’94. Back in the mid-80s, Nintendo wasn’t as protective of its properties as it is today, and allowed Hudson Soft to port its games to other non-Nintendo consoles. Tetris Party takes the classic Tetris formula we all know and love, and brings it to new heights with new play modes that spice things up. Hudson Soft didn't come in until 1984, releasing their port of the game as their second NES game. However, if the auto-battle function is turned on, the game then resembles a typical turn-based RPG. This time, the power up system involves collecting coloured pods - you can have three pods in stock at any one time, and the … This is where frustrating boss battles await our hero. Mostly due to frustrating controls that often lead Adol to an early grave. DoReMi Fantasy is among the best 2D platform game released on the glorious SNES. Tennis with Mario as a referee by Hudson Soft? Faxanadu (1987) 5. If you played this game as a kid you already know it’s amazing… what you’re probably more surprised by, is learning it was made by Hudson Soft. This list answers the questions "What are the best games made by Hudson Soft?" Together we stand, together we obliterate our enemies. Bloody Roar (1997) 3. Mario Party (1998) 4. This turn-based party game featuring different boards and a selection of 50+ exhilarating mini-games is still today a remarkable game. Tetris Party (2008) 7. Master Higgins’s second adventure is way more remarkable than its first one. Adventure Island is to Hudson Soft what Mario is to Nintendo. Which creates a few problems, having to jump and move around and stuff. And I’m sure you can still find cartidges on eBay, too! But such is the life of a prehistoric hero. It’s got a varied labyrinth design and an easy to pick up & play nature. And it’s bloody good, sporting a great balanced cast of characters that can turn into big, vicious beasts. After releasing an incredibly bad 3D fighting game on the N64, no one expected Hudson Soft to make a competent game. It has become hard to keep track of all of them (well, we at least ranked the best ones!). So if you like that game, chances are you’ll like this one as well. But it means a lot to those who were old enough to experience the glory of many of its franchises. History is always better in hindsight right? One downside here: due to the PC-8801 limitations, smooth screen side-scrolling was not possible. Play it in Japan, and it becomes something else! Check out a more detailed review here and you can find translations online to try playing this in English. The most popular Hudson Soft video games are listed by how many votes they received, so the best ones are at the top. If you can get used to this, you’ll find a game to show off your platforming skills. See that cute little bunny over there? List of the best Hudson Soft games with images, including any well-known Hudson Soft made games for any platform and console. Tina has been kidnapped again! Life is never simple, is it? Super Adventure Island II (1994) 6. Don’t ever, ever get close to her. Hello, I’m still around from the first game. Obviously it has none of the newer boosters, but suffice it to say this game is truly beloved by Pokémon fans the world over. Throughout eight worlds you’ll have to defeat enemies using your trusty axe, or powerful fireballs, and avoid tripping on the island’s many rocks. Mario Party 3 is the third in a series of board game style video games for Nintendo platforms,... Mario Party 2 is a board game-style party video game developed by Hudson Soft and published by... Mario Party 6 is the sixth game in the Mario Party series of board game-style video games by... Hudson's Adventure Island, also known simply as Adventure Island, is a side-scrolling platform... Mario Party 5 is a party video game published by Nintendo and developed by Hudson Soft. If you're looking to find a list of best games developed by Hudson Soft then you're in the right place. RELATED: The 10 Best DS Games That Never Left Japan. And wasting too much time without keeping the vitality gauge up will result in utter and complete failure. Weird, with a head as huge as Bonk’s, you’d expect him to crush any opposition with ease. This is in part due to its bite-sized level design, which makes the game instantly satisfying with a blazingly fast pace. Y. This greatest Hudson Soft games list features box covers and additional information such as the game's publisher and release date. If Adventure Island and Bomber makes a nostalgic tear stream down on your face, then you found the right corner of the Internet. Just don’t expect an adventure that will change the world. Random battles will commence like a 2D action game similar to how Zelda II's transitions worked. You explore complex labyrinths, defeat a variety of enemies, and collect a lot of different items. and "Which games were developed by Hudson Soft?". But what happens if you just want to enjoy some classic Tetris? There’s modes like Field Climber, where you have to create a path for a tiny cute character that’s dropped into the screen. Mario Party 2. Think the top game developed by Hudson Soft isn't as high as it should be? Despite in-game NPCs claiming this, Neutopia II is more an expansion of the original, rather than a sequel. You can use this list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your opinion, then share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you belong to. Is this a game or an 80s breakfast cereal? What to do, what to do. Being a very old 2D platforming game, you may not be surprised to hear that Master Higgins’ quest to save his beloved “Tine” is hard as balls. Soldier Blade. It’s an extremely straightforward yet competent arcadey tennis game where everything is exactly as you would expect. Neutopia II plays a lot like Zelda: A Link to the Past. Mario Party 3. Adventure Island II (1991) 9. You’ll also find lots to love with smooth 3D movements, and an amazing side-stepping mechanic that makes it possible to reverse a lot of tricky situations. As you play you’ll notice this adds a lot of depth to the experience. You can play just about any mode in online and local multiplayer. While the game is nothing more than a different take on the puzzle-platforming formula made popular by Donkey Kong, Nuts & Milk is a solid offering. It’s also one of the newer titles on this list, so graphics are far from dated. Bomberman - 1985. Love SNES-era games? Every console needs its mascot, like every damsel in distress needs her hero. Long-time Mario fans should absolutely give this a try, assuming they haven’t already. It was later... Bomberman is an arcade-style maze-based video game developed by Hudson Soft. And that becomes even more explosive in its competitive multiplayer mode. Ys III: Wanderer from Ys would have been Zelda II, if Link had red hair and was as reckless as Adol Christin. Cratermaze is a game with an identity crisis. Add four different dinosaur companions and some excellently-designed boss battles, and you get one of the best platforming games ever released! Super Mario Bros. Special should have been called Super Mario Bros Especially Crazy. You’ll defeat card collectors and earn booster packs to create the ultimate deck. So Hudson Soft completely changed the characters of the game to give birth to Cratermaze, a Bomberman-meets-Pac-Man arcade game that’s solid enough to keep you entertained for a short while. Bomberman ’94 (1994) 2. It introduces role-playing elements that make for a much more involving game. This list may not contain every game made by Hudson Soft but definitely features the best ones. Before we can get to breakfust, you’ll have to complete 50 stages, avoid traps laid out by Nuts, and get to your girlfriend Yoghurt. Do you know how many friendships Bomberman ’94 ended? The titular Bonk, small of body, but huge of head, embarks on an epic journey to save the dinosaur princess Za. Pokémon Trading Card Game (1998) 8. Lists that rank the best, most addictive, most compelling, most punishing games in all genres for players at every level of experience. The Best Hudson Soft Games List. Soldier Blade sticks to the tried and tested formula of Hudson’s previous games in the 'series', while throwing in some extra graphical effects.