Cut the beetroot into small slices and put it into the food processor. Then, peel the outer layer off. If used regularly, this mask will give you a natural pinkish glow. Beetroot works magic on the skin. You Might Like: 10 One-Ingredient Face Masks To Get … Also, applying this juice on skin helps flake off the dead cells accumulated onto the skin. Step 2: Store It. advertisement. 1)Beetroot for skin whitening and other skin benefits: If you want glowing skin, then you can eat beet. Transfer it … In a bowl, add the beetroot juice, the carrot juice and two tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Carefully strain the juice of the grated beetroot, and make sure that no bits and pieces make their way into it. Beetroots keep wrinkles away . How To Use Beetroot For Face Whitening The Right … Table of Contents. Dream of getting that fair complexion but scared to try the harmful chemically induced beauty products that the market offers? Grate a beetroot slice and apply on your entire face and neck. Prithika, To go off tangentially - why on earth does anyone need to lighten his/her skin. You can also boil the beetroot to make a paste. Well, beetroot is your safe bet then! If beetroot juice is added with lemon, its effect would increase exponentially. Beet can treat dull and tired skin. This recipe also ensures lightening of skin and helps to remove suntan. It contains vitamins, minerals, and iron, which can give your skin a natural glowing effect. Drinking the juice regularly and applying 1 tbsp of beetroot juice mixed with 1 tsp of lemon juice for 15 minutes before washing it off at night before you go to bed will work wonders towards … Beetroot for skin whitening. Then wash off with cold water. If you have been looking for ways to whiten your face naturally, this beetroot face whitening recipes and instructions will help you get results faster than any face whitening cream. Although, check for allergies before opting for this procedure. Skin lightening and fair skin with beetroot. Apply the mixture evenly on your skin and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Mix the juices of the two and apply it on your skin, keep it overnight and rinse it in the morning, and you will have perfect flawless skin, according to Web MD. Extract the juice out of a grated beetroot and carrot. Note: If you have food allergies or are allergic to any of the ingredients in the following recipe, please refrain from drinking or applying it just to be safe. Grind the beetroot completely till there is a visible watery residue. Mix all the ingredients well to form a paste. Make sure that you do not add water to the beetroot as it will dilute the vibrancy of the color. Leave this for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. … Apply beet as a mask or beet juice on your face, and it will help in skin whitening.