Yet bananas are powerhouses of protective ingredients, and are especially good for mind and mood. As Hippocrates said so famously, “let your food be your medicine.” With that in mind, let’s explore the medicinal benefits of bananas. All parts of banana have nutritional and traditional medicinal uses. Volume 1, Issue 3 . It is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Author: K. P. Sampath Kumar*, Debjit Bhowmik, S.Duraivel, M.Umadevi Abstract: Banana is the common name for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. History. Banaba has been used as a folk medicine to treat diabetes in various parts of the world, especially in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Traditional and Medicinal Uses of Banana . Banana (Genus Musa) cultivars are grown from long time throughout the world. The bark of the tree is smooth, grey to cream colored, and peels off in flakes.1, 2, 3. For this reason, it is recommended to care for bananas carefully and to the finest details. The banana tree is a single annual plant. These trees, which bear fruit 2 times a year, can give plenty of fruit when the necessary maintenance is done. Read about 23 uses of banana peels for skin care, hair health, teeth whitening, household cleaning, first aid, gardening, and eating. Most of the time when people think of super fruits or healing plants, they don’t tend to think of bananas.