I'll be back! Definitely recommend this diner and it's open 24/7. My only suggestion would be that they add fresh fruit as a standard side. Maddy has a great rep for making badass food so I was optimistic. The staff was friendly and very attentive. They were sold out of some items one of the times I went but it was all good I ate something else and it delicious. Service: The people are nice but they may be busy due to the location of the restaurant, it tends to always be busy. Killah from Manila. But overall good quality and friendly service. I just love caramel. I haven't had French toast this yummy anywhere else! cinnamon raisin french toast, bananas & walnuts sautéed in brown sugar cinnamon butter. Submit corrections. The menu has a bunch of different things sure to satisfy all kinds of cravings. It's a large plate of 75% naked plain tortilla chips, and sprinkled in the middle a small amount of unmelted shredded cheese and a scoop of pork. I would definitely go back and I do recommend. Overall, not my favorite spot, but not bad. It's served with a side of rice, potatoes, toast etc so I decided to try their potatoes and it was sooo disappointing. The Crab Cake Eggs Benedict was hands down my favorite I've tried so far. Social distancing, there was plastic shield the would separate certain seating area outside dining. Food: Based on what I tried which was the bananas foster French toast, it was delicious. Honey batter compliments the chicken, you do not need dipping sauce. Come@back? I would absolutely recommend this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a 2am fourth meal. Parking here is tricky but we were able to get a stall and headed inside to see what kind of food they had to offer. It had a nice shaded outside area so my dog was welcomed (yay!). Hiking on this side? Avocado meat omelette, can't go wrong. Love that we have a very good brunch restaurant on the West Side! Overall, looks like a spot i would visit again while I am in Manhattan beach. !we were all very impressed with the two waitresses we had. The Strawberry Waffles was also a 3/5. A short drive from Ko Olina but well worth it. It totally hit the spot, I highly recommend this dish (gluten-free friendly along with plenty of other items on the menu, although not marked). Since it was my first time I went with the walk in the country and I'm a bacon fiend so I got a side. Had to come and try this place. The Kettle is simply delicious. Something to look forward to on our next visit to the island!Be sure to sit outside on their patio for the best ambiance. I only had a few bites before my stomach started to hurt and I just couldn't eat it. The French Toast wasn't special, the fosters sauce wasn't anything that stood out to me and it came with two small slices of bananas. Whip eggs and sugar with a whisk. Banana foster French toast was also good but the lilikoi pancakes were just okay. Menu may not be up to date. Bananas Foster is one of those treats you get when you dine out. The gravy was soooo salty. Holy moly. My husband ordered the country fried steak, I ordered the corn beef hash local mocal, and we ordered the walk in the country to share. Awesome service "Ajah" keep up the good work _____________________________________________________________ *Adobo Benedict w/ Fried Rice (really good. The batter itself on the chicken is delicious. Yup yup...#rosebreakfasttour. This place is pretty delicious. Such a great experience with great food and service. I normally don't say "4 stars for a diner" or "this was good for Manhattan beach", but... "4 stars for a diner, 3 stars compared to restaurants in general".I had the breakfast sandwich which was pretty tasty.Also had the bananas foster french toast which was amazing.I'd go back. This spot will become one of our regulars from now on. The fries here are superb. Say no more...The fact they are always open. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. The taste and texture of it was just amazing alone or with the banana and syrup. My husband for the Countryside Steak and I for the Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict and we shared The Walk in the County sampler. French toast and an iconic New Orleans dessert collide in this dish that features a caramelized banana topping and a rich Challah french toast. Here is my take on each one. egg was done just right and the fried rice was Ono) *Bananas Foster French Toast (toast had a nice crunch and soft inside. Greeted with smiles and aloha, coffee always topped off, when we arrived we took a small table by the counter and waitress moved us to the window table since she overheard us talking about looking out at the beach lol. Came here for late night drunk eats (they are open 24 hours) and we were all pretty surprised with how good the food was. Nice cafe, great place for breakfast after our morning hike. Thank u. I would still come back but probably just opt for their French toast or waffle plate. The only problem is you have to choose from so many great options lol. For me a 3/5. Bananas foster French toast, strawberry waffle and I forget what kind of pancakes but good lol. Right by the beach, a inexpensive good breakfast spot to eat and it's 24 hours?? Beautiful Saturday to enjoy a beautiful meal. It's bit just a crab cake but it's about a 1/2 inch thick crab cake fried to perfection locking in all the favors of the ingredients. Nothing special. This place was amazing! Melt the butter in a medium size pot over medium heat. Want to chime in. With something that good, I was hoping that the potatoes would be a perfect side to finish off this outstanding dish but I was hugely disappointed. Going to return soon to try some lunch dishes! It's a seat your self kind of place and it definitely has a family/homey vibe. We had breakfast it was hot, fresh and delicious. Food: Based on what I tried which was the bananas foster French toast, it was delicious. The waffles were perfectly crisp, and delicious. My favorite was those strawberry waffles! Went for a drive around the island and came across this place just in time for brunch! The bananas foster French toast with caramel sauce looked very tempting as well. The lunch and dinner menus were equally expansive with Meatloaf, Burgers, Quinoa Salads, Mahi Mahi Tostadas, Fried Chicken...seriously the widest range of food ever, and with legitimately good execution! Poached egg perfection and the sauce with the tomatoes and onions match so well. Anyway they food. If your looking for authentic Hawaiian food and the best service, try this place out. French toast bananas foster...mean. Holy moly. Highly recommend the Bananas Foster French Toast! Great place. In a large saute pan over medium heat, stir together butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, dark rum and cinnamon. Came with 2, I could only finish 1. Cleanliness: Restroom is clean and so is the rest of the restaurant. We are staying at Four Seasons and drove 7 miles because we heard this place was good and it did not disappoint. Add the … It was dry and pathetic. The GF and I decide to check out this place I've heard about from my coworkers. In a slightly inconvenient location was the only downside. Our bill for the three was around $40 without tip. We are happy to suggest gluten-free items from our menu, please ask your server, please notify us of any food allergies. Freshly made muffins are to die for. This Bananas Foster French Toast is a decadent, luxurious spin on classic french toast.