Advertisement “We turned one of your favorite pizza flavors into a bite-sized vegan snack. These vegan snacks are made with organic unbleached wheat flour. Vegan Cheeze Pizza Rolls by Amy's quantity. Made with non-GMO ingredients, this new product joins Amy’s wide selection of vegetarian products such as burgers, tamales, burritos, sausages, meatballs, and … This item: Amy's Cheese Pizza Snacks, Organic, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) $92.78 ($1.29 / 1 Ounce) Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Vegan Cheeze Pizza Rolls by Amy’s 6.0oz. Made with organic vegan cheeze & tomatoes $ 6.99. You’ll never find artificial flavors, sytnhetic colors or added nitrities* hiding in here. Amy's SKU 322075. Add to cart Want free shipping and 10% off? They remind me of a grown-up version of Pizza Rolls. New. Home / Prepared / Pizza / Vegan Cheeze Pizza Rolls by Amy’s. Our Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Poppers deliver bite-sized yum with a big ingredient promise! The new soy-free vegan pizza rolls include house-made organic tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella “cheeze” wrapped in a soft flour crust. New Amy’s product, so good! While transferring these swirls from our pan to our plates was a huge headache, we couldn’t help but enjoy them when everything was said and done. They are hard to find right now but I’m hoping more stores will carry them soon. The pizza rolls are 100 percent dairy-free, soy-free, lactose-free, and kosher! These snackity snacks are made with real cheese, tomato sauce and uncured pepperoni, all wrapped in a golden crust. Ships from and sold by Rebel Smuggling LLC. 47 in stock. The brand, which is a family-run business, offers a number of vegan options - including burritos, soup, and mac n cheeze. Amy’s Vegan Margherita Swirls aren’t just for vegans — we’d recommend these snacks to anyone looking for a healthier version of pizza rolls. Amy's vegan margherita pizza with daiya cheeze satisfies all our customers without sacrificing any of the best components of a pizza: an excellent crust, a savory pizza sauce, and flavorful toppings. US-based brand Amy's Kitchen has launched frozen pizza rolls - and they are suitable for vegans.. According to the company: "We turned one of your favorite pizza flavors into a bite-sized vegan snack."