Looking for a quick, short-term way to lower your grocery budget? We’ve come up with a budget meal plan that covers all three meals for a week and will keep your bellies full—all for only $65! If you have more or fewer people or giants in your family … Made and packed in the USA in two rugged buckets. Remember, it is perfectly okay to start out by picking up just 2 or 3 extra cans of meats, fruits or vegetables during your weekly trip to the supermarket. Packed in a rugged bucket. 866.229.0927 11AM-8PM EST Mon-Fri, Sat 11AM-3PM WEEK 20: 2 1 lb cans vegetable shortening, 1 box baking soda. In fact, you are probably buying these foods every week already. Maybe you work freelance and this is a lean month, or maybe you’re dealing with an unexpected job loss or delayed paycheck. After that, add to your emergency food supply week by week until pretty soon, you have three months of food stored away for you and your family. Preppers have so many options. Made in the USA. 2. This food supply provides one person 92 servings of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 14 days. Allocate time during Week One to freeze some food for Week Two. First, watch this helpful video to get started. WEEK 16: 2 48 oz bottles vegetable oil or olive oil. This food supply provides 252 servings of meals, drinks and snacks for 28 days. WEEK 21: 3 5 lb bags flour, 1 4-pack toilet paper. Gathering food storage and emergency supplies can be simplified by using 12 monthly emergency prep lists (see below for an example). Year Supply of Food: Ever wonder the supply list for a year's worth of food? WEEK 17: 2 18 oz jars peanut butter, 1 can baking powder. WEEK 18: 1 jar yeast, 2 bags chocolate chips. This does not need to take a lot of time or be a burden. Ready Hour 4-Week Emergency Food Supply  Ready Hour 4-Week Emergency Food Supply provides you with 284 servings of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, drinks, and snacks. Don't be unprepared, rest easy at night knowing you have your family covered in the event of an emergency. This week, we’ve consulted food storage blogger, Valerie Albrechtsen, for some of her expert tips on getting started with a 3-12 month food supply. Most of my freezer-friendly recipes can be prepped and frozen in 15 minutes or less. Lasts up to 25 years in optimal storage conditions. WEEK 19: 2 42 oz cartons oatmeal – quick or regular, your choice. I have compiled a simple preppers food list of common foods that you can go get today that will allow you to feed a family of 4 for 30 days. Even if you buy food with a long shelf life, you will probably still need to freeze some of the food that you want to eat during Week Two. The easiest food storage option to consider is buying #10 cans of freeze dried food or buckets of emergency food.